How to Tag Users

Your current setup for Live Show Opt-in/Campaign/Newsletter:

Tags Available/In Use:

Completed – Campaign – Live Show

[Interest] Live Show

[Optin Source] Live Show

Started – Campaign – Live Show


Based on your statement – I think you are adding [Optin Source] Live show?

But what trigger this Workflow:

[Live Show] Tag & Send Campaign


Is Applying the tag: [Interest] Live Show

I know I sent this before but wanted to make sure you got this

To trigger the workflow add the [Interest] Live Show tag

I added to the workflow to tag them with the Newsletter – Lighthustler tag

They get the campaign: Live Show Campaign

There are many ways to add tags to a user – which method to choose depends on what you want to happen

Adding Tags:

If you just need to add a tag and don’t want it to trigger anything:

  1. Open Drip > Select Subscribers
  2. Search for the the Subscriber
    Enter the email address @ the upper rights


    User the filters to look for the subscriber by First Name, Last Name (Custom Fields)
    Email Address (Email) or by other tags they might have
  3. Open the subscriber by selecting their name and then tags and custom fields

  4. Click into the Tags box at the top and start to type the name of the tag > Select the tag from the list
  5. Scroll down and Click SAVE

Use a Bulk Operation when tagging in the following circumstances;

Adding tags to multiple users

Adding new users and assigning tags at the same time

Adding multiple Actions to a User or List of Users


  1. Enter all the Subscriber information into an Excel or Google sheet. Make sure there is a header row
    Use the following sample – save a copy with the name of the list/week and save your copy as a CSV
  2. Drip > Subscribers >Imports/Bulk Ops
  3. Select Upload CSV > Next
  4. Save the Import > Next
  5. Drip > Apply a Tag (or other Action)
  6. Save > Next > Schedule Immediately or for the Date you want the Tags/Actions to be applied


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